Here is my personal product review on the Gunnar Optiks “Vayper” eyeware:


I might have found a great solution for dry eyes and blue light protection.   These days many of us spending a very high amount of time on our mobile phones and computers due to the remote work situations, many of us have become accustomed too.  Check out my personal experience using the Gunnar Optics (Vayper) eyeware.  Do you think these glasses can benefit you or someone you know?

Who is this product for?

This product is ideally for anyone looking to gain some eye relief and protection against blue light.  Blue light is light with blue wavelengths that can often impede our sleep.  It’s a short wavelength that produces high amounts of energy which some studies suggest can cause some more harm than good.  Ideally, this is great for gamers, computer and mobile users.

Here are some benefits from wearing blue light glasses:

  • It may reduce eye discomfort:

    The blue light glasses can aid in reducing your eye strain which will make you less tired.  Many of us experience digital eye strain spending too much time on our screens.

  • May slow down Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD):

    The blue light glasses may help slowdown or prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is which is a leading cause of blindness.

  • Can help improve your overall sleep:

    Blue light tends to cause a negative effect on our sleep patterns.  Some research suggests that the body’s normal release of melatonin may be delayed due to blue lights affect.  As a result, we should not use our screens right before bed.  Many of us fall asleep with the TV on or our mobile in hand and then we complain we didn’t sleep well.

  • Can reduce eyestrain:

    Realistically our eyes are not built for the digital world.  The eye’s lens and cornea aren’t great at filtering HEV light from our retina.  The HEV is also referred as blue light, it stands for High-Energy Visible.  HEV is naturally found in sunlight and blue light is the most powerful.  The more powerful it is, the deeper it can penetrate tissue before being blocked.  After awhile, our light-sensitive cells can be damaged.  As a result, this may make us more susceptible to eye diseases.

How does the product work?

Gunnar blue light glasses address a multitude of side effects of digital strain, that many of us experience.  This includes, heads, glare, dry eyes, fatigue and blurry vision.  These glasses provide an array of different protection levels. 

Check out the chart below:

BLPF chart

Overall Rating


Conclusion:  To sum up, I personally used the Gunnar Optiks “Vayper” eyeware for over a week and it was great.  I honestly feel as if I am no longer having eye strain after a long day on the on laptop and feel much more rested as a result of that.  I am feeing more refreshed in the morning than normal with a little more energy.  In summary, I believe this product is definitely worth a look at and has a fantastic selection for everyone.  Whether you are using it for work, gaming or school this glasses can definitely benefit anyone.  I hope my product review on the Gunnar Optiks “Vayper” glasses served you well and stay healthy everyone!


** NOTE:  I am not an affiliate with this company and this is my independent opinion. **


Additionally, here are some other basic sleep tips to help you along the way.

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