Another way of exercising indoors.

Here are some helpful health benefits if you do spinning:

Calorie Burner:  Depending on the type of spin class you go through, you can burn some good calories during each session.  This in turn, may help a person with weight loss.

Strengthen your core:  Spinning correctly will definitely assist with strengthening your overall core.  Just make sure your posture is correct.

Mentally stronger:  The warm up and cool down during your session will make you relax.  Spinning will help you get through the tough days, it fosters confidence and self-control.

Improves your heart health:  It will strengthen your overall cardio health.  It can aid in building up your endurance and help reduce your anxiety.

All-in-one exercise:  Spin classes provides 3 major benefits.  Power, speed and endurance can fuel your workout.  How many exercises can you do to get these 3 benefits all at once?

Lower risk of injury: Training on a spinning bike provides a lower risk of injury and it is much easier on your joints.  As an example, running is an exercise that has a higher risk of injury and can affect your joints.  Both exercises help with your cardio health.

Targets the larger muscle groups:  Spinning targets your legs to get them in shape fast.  Your thighs, calves and hamstring get great benefits from this type of workout.

Workout at home:  This is one of the best exercises you can do at home, if you buy a spinning bike.


I don’t think we can find a better exercise at home to help with your cardio health.

Did you ever try spinning before?  If so, what’s your take on this exercise?


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