How would you like enjoy some simple tips to help you sleep?  I know I sure would definitely enjoy some. Check it out!

tips for sleep

  • Let’s start with the bedroom.  Make sure the room is dark and relatively cool, so our body will be ready for this sleep-induced environment.  We need to make sure our mattress and pillows are in good shape and comfortable.

  • Make sure you are tired before you try and retire to sleep.  Try to do some reading or listen to some relaxing music, it will help with that.

  • Be sure to avoid alcohol and caffeine at least a couple hours before bed.  The caffeine alone is a powerful stimulant that will not help with your sleep.

  • Take a warm bath before bed, the rise and fall in body temperature will help with getting drowsy.  Also, avoid any exercise right before bed as it will keep you alert.

  • Another good tip to help you sleep, is maintain a constant sleep schedule.  This will set and keep your internal clock working correctly.  In turn, you will feel more refreshed the next morning.

  • Be cognizant of the natural light when you wake up each and every day.  We need to see the morning light first thing to keep us in check.

  • Eating before bed is not beneficial for any of us.  It can ultimately leave you with indigestion and disturb your sleep pattern.

  • Exercise early, it is key to helping you with a good night’s rest.  Make sure you exercise earlier than later.  Exercise increases our cortisol levels which promotes alertness.

Conclusion:  These days more than ever, many of us, are greatly stressed with either health or financial issues.  Studies suggest sleep deprivation greatly affects our cognitive performance.  Remember there are so many things we can adjust in our daily routines to promote a better night’s sleep.  

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