Do you feel you are running alone in your life?

Do you feel you are running alone in your life?

How often do we feel alone is this journey we call life?  In reality, with the grace of God we are not alone.  Some of the most difficult issues in our lives seem impossible, but we will make it through only because the grace of God.

Practice some simple things:

  • Be Thankful – shed a little happiness around you today.  Be thankful for our family, friends and all the grace God gives us daily.

  • Kindness – show kindness to everyone you meet.  Even if they don’t deserve it, you will do more good than you think.  Let’s show some kindness.

  • Always Forgive – forgive others, we are all human.  Jesus forgave us for our sins. Feel you are running alone in your life?  Maybe, it’s time for a change.

  • Encourage – lift each other up daily.  We all need a boost these days and lifting a person up will help them more than you think.  Many of us have health or financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, help one another.

  • Pray – daily we should pray.  Pray for your blessings, strength and all the grace of God.  We should put God 1st in everyday and his blessings will reign upon us.  Stop running alone in your life.

  • Sing – singing can lift your soul up to a new level.  This is definitely one of God’s great gifts.

  • Smile – smiling is infectious.  It can spread joy in the simplest way.  How often someone is having a bad day and how easily a little smile can lift them up.


    Life as we know has changed quite a bit for many of us.  Many of us are experiencing hardships that we thought were once imaginable.  We must continue to experience God’s grace each and every day.  

       May God bless everyone and keep them safe!

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       Showing acts of kindness is the way to go!



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