Blue Light Glasses – What’s all the hype about?

Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses – What’s all the hype about?

More too often, many of us have been experiencing digital eye strain due to the work from home and attending school virtually.

Let’s look at the so-called benefits of blue light glasses:


What Are Blue Light Glasses and Do They Really Help?

Most of us spend majority of our day in front of a screen, exposing our eyes to potentially harmful effects of blue light.  So, if you’re reading this now, you’re exposing your eyes to blue light.  If we are not working in front of computer, many of us have our eyes glued at a mobile device for majority of our day.

Spending too much time in front of a screen can cause insomnia, eyestrain and headaches.  Blue light blocking glasses have been suggested to relieve us from these issues.


Let’s Look At What Blue Light Actually Is.

Blue light is light with blue wavelengths that can often impede our sleep.  It’s a short wavelength that produces high amounts of energy which some studies suggest can cause some more harm than good.


Here are some benefits from wearing blue light glasses:

  • It may relieve eye discomfort:

    Too many hours on our screens can often lead to digital eye strain.  The blue light glasses can aid in reducing your eye strain which will make you less tired.  Taking regular breaks from our screens is also suggested.

  • Slow down or prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD):

    AMD is a leading cause of blindness and using blue light glasses may aid or delay in helping with preventing that.

  • Improve your overall sleep:

    One of the most common issues with blue light, is the negative affect on our sleep patterns.  During the day, the blue light may increase alertness which doesn’t normally affect our sleep pattern.  But, some research suggest it may delay the body’s release of melatonin, which helps us get to sleep.  So, using the screens right before bed is not recommended at all.


Conclusion:  There are many companies out there that sell blue light glasses which may aid in your digital eye strain.  They can help assist you in getting some relief but you be the judge.  Many people have touted the benefits from these glasses.  Let’s take a screen break!

These days we can all use some tips on how to stay healthier, check some out here!

Men’s Health Concerns After Your 40’s

Here you will learn about many different men’s health concerns to watch for after your 40’s.


Many of us have hoped we achieved our professional and personal goals by around the age of 40 but now we must be more resilient regarding our health.  


 Here are a couple of health concern’s to watch out for:

Men's health concerns

Stroke:  According to studies, by your mid-40’s your risk of getting a stroke doubles each decade after that.  There is no time better than the present to keep an eye on your risk factors,  which might include high blood pressure, poor diet and lack of exercise.  Any physical activity will help you reduce your risk.

Men's health concerns

Hypertension:  Here is another health concern to watch for after your 40;s.   It is known as high blood pressure and can definitely promote severe health problems if not addressed.  You can become a candidate for a stroke or a heart attack.  Be sure to check your blood pressure and watch your diet.

Men's health concerns

Prostate Cancer:  Research suggests, the risk of prostate cancer increases for men after they hit their 40’s.  Now is the time to make sure you schedule your annual exam to check your prostate.

Men's health concerns

Obesity:  Since our metabolism tends to slow down in our 40’s, obesity can be a risk.  Typically, middle age is sometimes linked to weight gain.  It is greatly associated to our increased sedentary lifestyles that many of us have adopted.  It is critical to maintain a healthy weight through your 40’s.

Men's health concerns

Colon Cancer:  The American Cancer Society suggests, in the United States alone, there will be close to 100,000 cases of colon cancer diagnosed each year.  Men have about one in 22 risk of developing this disease.  This disease still causes more than 50,000 deaths in the U.S. each year and most of them are associated to men over 40.

Men's health concerns

Stress:  In our 40’s, stress is typically running rampant for many of us.  At this point in our life our responsibilities have probably doubled which brings us more stress.  Stress can contribute to hair loss, weight gain and increased risk of heart attack.

Men's health concerns

Pancreatic Cancer:  Research suggests, pancreatic cancer tends to spike after your 40’s.  The survival rates for pancreatic cancer remain quite low.  It is imperative we understand the risk factors of this disease.  This includes tobacco use and obesity, as you age.

Men's health concerns

Diabetes:  This is one of the most common men’s health concerns after your 40’s.  Some of the most common symptoms are frequent urination and very thirsty.  There are some serious health complications you can get from this issue, which can include organ failure or blindness.

Men's health concerns

Low Testosterone:  As we hit our 40’s, our testosterone levels drop dramatically.  If our levels get too low, it can lead to decreased muscle mass, low sex drive or fatigue.  A basic blood test can tell you where your levels are currently at and there are many treatments widely available for it.

Men's health concerns

Sleep Apnea:  For many of us, fatigue never seems to go away and it might be related to sleep apnea.  This is a condition that causes you to suddenly stop breathing while you are sleeping.  In turn, this can cause sudden death.  Lowering your weight and using a CPAP machine may help you treat this health issue.

Men's health concerns

Memory Loss:  As we age, the risk of memory losses increases quite a bit. Research suggest by the age of 65, almost half of the adults will be dealing with some type of memory loss.  There is hope if you can catch this health issue early, by treating it with exercise, eating better or medication.

Men's health concerns

Cirrhosis:  Another health concern is scar tissue in the liver that impedes its function over time.  Typically, this is often caused by fat accumulation or alcohol use, it mostly starts affecting men in their middle age.  The damage for the most part cannot be undone.  If it is caught early, some of the worst damage can be avoided.

Men's health concerns

Alcoholism:  In your 20’s, you have might have been some social drinker, but once you hit 40, it’s time to control your alcohol intake.  Alcohol can cause digestive cancers and obesity.  Be sure to control your alcohol intake as you enter this stage in your life, it can do more damage than you think.

Men's health concerns

Depression:  Here is another men’s health concern after your 40’s.  This day and age many of us are much more prone to getting some type of depression.  Whether it is financial hardship, social isolation or pandemic health issues.  Let’s lift each other up and look out for one another.

Men's health concerns

Pneumonia:  This is an infection of the lungs that is very dangerous for young kids and senior adults.  Pneumonia has taken countless lives in the United States every year.  Some of the symptoms you may experience are  chills, cough or chest pain. 

Men's health concerns

Osteoporosis:  After your 20’s, the body starts losing it’s overall bone mass.  If your bone mass shrinks too much, they will become weak and brittle.  This will make you more prone for fractures or falls.  Be sure to consume enough protein and calcium.  In addition, make sure to maintain a healthy body weight, it will help support your bones.

Men's health concerns

Ulcers:  According to studies, ulcers typically occur in men between the ages of 30 and 50.  One of the keys to treating ulcers is to do it quickly.  There are many invasive treatments that can be avoided if we prevent complications early on.

Men's health concerns

Influenza:  These days we don’t necessarily have to worry about influenza wiping us, but we still have to worry about the flu.  The dangers of the flu is still quite dangerous as we age.  Our best defense is a strong offense, avoid contact with sick people, get a flu shot and wash your hands frequently.  In addition to influenza these days, now we have to be concerned about COVID-19 as well.

Conclusion:  After the age of 40, we have a slew of health concerns to contend with on a daily basis.  We need to be cognizant of our diet, exercise and overall wellness.  Our risk of ailments and complications can be greatly reduced by being more vigilant in our every day life.  We must adopt lifestyle changes to prevent and protect ourselves from health related issues.

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These days we need work on our daily successes.  Here are some tips to help with that!

4 Easy Ways To Practice Kindness Every Day

There are so many easy ways to practice kindness every day.

Life has become quite stressful these days and we can all be reminded of some easy ways to practice kindness to the people around us.

Here are some simple tips:

Make a Call:  These days, it’s way too easy to send a text or reply to someone’s post on a social media site. It doesn’t have the same affect if you actually call someone on the phone to see how they are doing.  Take the time to hear  a real voice through the phone and spread some love.  It is much more impactful. Lastly, we can all use a heart-to-heart conversation.

Let Someone Go Ahead Of You In Line:  If the person in line behind you in a store only has a couple of items and you have a lot in your cart, offer for them to go in front of you.  Therefore, some day someone might do the same for you.  It’s an easy way to show some kindness.

Don’t Forget To Use Your Manners:  Wherever you are at during your day, use your manners.  Be sure to say “please” and “thank you” to everyone around you.  The simple things expresses gratitude and may make someone’s day a little better.

Help a Stranger:  If someone is struggling with anything, offer to give them a hand.  It might be an elderly person in a store or someone who fell down and got hurt.  In short, we are all human beings and these simple acts are beneficial for everyone.

Volunteer:  During these troubling times, the demand for volunteers to help the less fortunate has increased.  You can donate some of your time to work at a food bank or even deliver food for the elderly that can’t get out of their house.  You can even offer to help younger students that can’t get the help they need while being quarantined to their home.

Conclusion:  If you practice kindness every day, you will make someone feel good and it might even be you.

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With the pandemic going on, many of us are having some blues and need some help to cope with hit.  Here are some tips!


Tips On How To Get Healthier With Little Effort

getting healthier

Would you like to know some tips on how to get healthier with little effort?

Check out our great tips! 

Get Adequate Sleep

We can no longer emphasize the importance of getting enough sleep any longer into today’s world.

Insufficient sleep can effect your mental and physical performance.  It can negatively affect your hormones and insulin resistance.

Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can increase the risk of obesity in both men and woman.

Consume Enough Water

I believe many of us have heard enough times the importance of drinking enough water.

At the same time, water can help kickstart your metabolism.  Studies have shown if you drink water 30 minutes before your meals, it may aid in your overall weight loss goals.

Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

There are so many foods in the grocery stores with added sugar that can wreak havoc on your metabolism.

As a result, high sugar can cause a slew of known issues such as some cancer, heart disease and obesity.

Check the labels on what you buy.

Avoid Processed Foods

There are more processed foods on the shelves in the grocery stores than organic.

Processed foods are engineered to get us hooked on them.

They typically have little nutritional value and contain chemicals that can harm us over time.  To sum up, this is basically wasted calories which will not keep us healthy.

Take Care of Your Gut

Around 70% of our immune system is coming from our gut.

Our gut bacteria is critical to our health and if it is imbalanced your health can seriously decline.

Easy to improve your gut health is take a probiotic or eat yogurt.  Taking care of your gut may help you avoid other health issues in the future.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide a load of benefits for us.  It provides antioxidants, vitamins and different minerals which can potentially keep us healthier.

In addition, research shows people who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to live longer as it may prevent many debilitating health issues.

Stay Active

Being active is a key factor in staying healthy.

Doing a cardio exercise can greatly improve your chances of preventing heart disease among many other issues.

Be sure to get that heart pumping, it can help your heart and reduce some fat as well.

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Conclusion:  As you can see, there are many easy steps we can take to get healthier each day by following our tips on how to get healthier with little effort.  We all should stop making excuses for exercising.


CBD – There Are So Many Amazing Health Benefits

CBD Benefits

CBD – There Are So Many Amazing Health Benefits.

Nowadays, everyone seems to have some type of health related issue.

Check out the many benefits of CBD:
  • Blood Pressure – Research shows it may be an effective treatment in helping lower your blood pressure.  Some studies suggest that CBD will help you lower your resting systolic blood pressure.  It might aid in stroke volume in people who were exposed to stress.  In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties may also prevent heart related illnesses.
  • Anxiety & Sleeplessness – CBD has been used to treat anxiety and sleeplessness.  This can positively act on the brain’s receptors which directly affect your serotonin levels.  This can help balance your behavior and mood.  Therefore, it can have some similar benefits as anti-depressants.
  • Pain Management – It is known to be an effective treatment for managing some pain related issues.  The endocannabinoids can bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body’s nervous system.  To clarify, this can help to reduce chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Skin Conditions – The cannabinoids provide an anti-itch and ant-inflammatory properties. Some experts suggest that these effects occur when the drug interacts with the endocannabinoid system found on the skin.  However, studies demonstrate that CBD can beneficially affect the sebaceous glands.  So, these glands can contribute to every day acne. 
  • Chemotherapy Side Effects – Studies suggest it may help with nausea and vomiting, which is a common side effect from chemotherapy.
  • Anti-aging CBD has antioxidant properties that may slow down the aging process of the skin.  It aids in reducing the free radicals.  Most importantly, research shows it is a more powerful antioxidant than many other vitamins.  In addition, free radicals can wreak havoc on our collagen which directly affects our skin.
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders –  Our digestive tract is quite a complex system and CBD can benefit our gut.   If our gut is not balanced we can get many different digestive problems.  This may include diarrhea, cramping, constipation, and appetite related issues.  As a result, CBD will help keep our gut system properly balanced.
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Conclusion:  CBD provides so many amazing health benefits that I am sure you or someone you know can get benefits from it.  Remember, none of us aren’t getting any younger.
Are you looking for some relief?

CBD Shop

Top Immune Boosting Supplements For Everyone

Top Immune Boosting Supplements For Everyone

These days, everyone is really concerned about their health.  Many of us have been looking for a better way to boost our immune system.

The main function of our immune system is to protect your body from bacteria and viruses.  If it is not working correctly we would be getting sick all the time.  Your immune system can determine the difference between good and bad cells, allowing it to destroy the bad cells.  It is extremely important that our immune system is working correctly if you want to stay healthy.  We shouldn’t take our immune system for granted because it works around the clock to keep us healthy. Here are some great immune boosters:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
    –  May help to lower blood sugar levels
    –  Can help kill some harmful bacteria
    –  Helps with weight loss
    –  May boost your skin health
    –  It improves cardiovascular health
    –  Helps to regulate your body’s PH
  • Elderberry
    –  May aid in fighting the flu and colds
    –  It’s a natural diuretic
    –  May help in reducing some inflammation
    –  May promote better mental health
    –  High in antioxidants and vitamin C
    –  May support heart health
  • Turmeric Curcumin
    –  May help lower your risk of heart disease
    –  Helps reduce inflammation
    –  May aid in preventing cancer
    –  May help in improving liver function
    –  Helps with your overall digestion
    –  May help treat or prevent diabetes
  • Zinc
    –  Keeps your immune system strong
    –  May aid in reducing inflammation
    –  Helps speed up your wound healing
    –  May reduce your overall risk of age related diseases
    –  May assist in fertility, especially for men

In addition, getting some exercise or a good night’s rest will greatly benefit your immune system as well.

Conclusion:  There are many natural supplements out there that may aid in boosting your immune system.  See which one might be best for you.  These days we all need an immune boost with COVID-19 around.  Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Which is your go to immune booster?

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