Top 8 Excuses for Not Exercising

Top 8 Excuses for Not Exercising

Excuses for Not Exercising:

  1. It’s Boring:  Many of us use this excuse regularly and we need to switch up our routine, to keep it fresh.  Whether you go for a jog or jump on a spin bike, we need to expand our options.  Getting healthy shouldn’t be boring. Overcome your excuses for not exercising.
  2. My Back Aches:  Lower back pain affects many of us and being sedentary too much doesn’t help our cause.  Start stretching and get moving.
  3. I’m Thin Already:  Being thin doesn’t necessarily constitute good health.  You still can have excessive body fat.  Let’s get moving and stop the excuses for not exercising.
  4. I Hate Doing this Alone:  Find a friend or family member to start exercising with.  It will keep you both in check and motivated.
  5. Feel too old:  Your never to frail or old to workout.  Exercise benefits everyone at every age.  Look for a trainer that works with older folks it may make it easier to transition into a routine.
  6. Too busy with my kids:  Try to make a schedule around their schedule, so you can get some adequate exercise.  Another option is to create a routine to workout with them.
  7. I am too heavy:  Your weight shouldn’t be your obstacle.  Start easy and slow with your exercise routine.  You will meet your milestones, one step at a time.  Let’s stop making excuses for not exercising.
  8. Don’t like gyms:  Whether you like gyms or not, should be a no issue.  We all can exercise in our house or outside.  Try listening to some good tunes to keep you motivated along the way.  There is no excuse for not exercising, the health benefits are endless.Conclusion:  These days most of us are very stressed, it is either health, financial or just pandemic stress.  Any type of physical activity we would greatly benefit from.  It would help our mental and physical state.

    What is your excuse or favorite exercise?


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    Looking some motivation to exercise at home?  Well here it is!


Looking for another way of getting some exercise in your house?

Another way of exercising indoors.

Here are some helpful health benefits if you do spinning:

Calorie Burner:  Depending on the type of spin class you go through, you can burn some good calories during each session.  This in turn, may help a person with weight loss.

Strengthen your core:  Spinning correctly will definitely assist with strengthening your overall core.  Just make sure your posture is correct.

Mentally stronger:  The warm up and cool down during your session will make you relax.  Spinning will help you get through the tough days, it fosters confidence and self-control.

Improves your heart health:  It will strengthen your overall cardio health.  It can aid in building up your endurance and help reduce your anxiety.

All-in-one exercise:  Spin classes provides 3 major benefits.  Power, speed and endurance can fuel your workout.  How many exercises can you do to get these 3 benefits all at once?

Lower risk of injury: Training on a spinning bike provides a lower risk of injury and it is much easier on your joints.  As an example, running is an exercise that has a higher risk of injury and can affect your joints.  Both exercises help with your cardio health.

Targets the larger muscle groups:  Spinning targets your legs to get them in shape fast.  Your thighs, calves and hamstring get great benefits from this type of workout.

Workout at home:  This is one of the best exercises you can do at home, if you buy a spinning bike.


I don’t think we can find a better exercise at home to help with your cardio health.

Did you ever try spinning before?  If so, what’s your take on this exercise?


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