Keto Diet Benefits

8 Benefits of a Keto Diet

Inflammation:  Many of the foods that encompass the diet are highly anti-inflammatory.

Here are a couple of them:

Coconut oil
Fatty fish

Blood Pressure:  Many people following the ketogenic diet have experienced a healthy reduction in their blood pressure and some healthy weight loss.

Heart Health:  A diet higher in fats and low in carbohydrates has been known to aid in helping reduce some of the factors associated with heart disease.

Migraines:  Many people on this diet have suggested a large decrease in their normal amount of migraines.  I personally know many people suffering from migraines and would benefit from this.  

Appetite Reduction:  When you eat on this type of diet, you are satisfied.  Your body will work more efficiently burning the fats and food.  Typically many of our sugar cravings will reduce tremendously.

Weight Loss:  This by far is one of the most popular benefits of this diet.  This is truly known as one of the best fat-burning diets around.  On top of the weight loss, you won’t starve yourself in the process.

Cholesterol:  Many people experience a healthy decrease in their total cholesterol. People often experience a decrease in triglycerides, and sometimes an increase in HDL. Usually in the beginning, you may have a temporary rise in your LDL cholesterol but that typically will come down over time.

Acne:  They suggest this diet may aid in your overall skin clarity.  There are studies going on that suggests it plays a significant part in our hormone levels which would definitely affect our skin.

This diet is quite popular with a lot of people and provides some healthy results.

How many of us would love to shed a couple of pounds and not starve in the process?

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