6 Natural Remedies For Migraine Relief At Home

Need some natural remedies for migraine relief?

Are you looking for some natural remedies for migraine relief at home?

Here are some remedies that may alleviate your pain:

  • Do Some Stretches Or Yoga:  This helps with reducing the muscle tension and assist with your overall blood flow.  Studies have shown that this helps with relieving the symptoms as opposed to those who don’t do this at all. You can find some good yoga audio tracks to play on audible.  At this point, incorporating any exercise into your daily routine may assist with migraine prevention.
  • Massage:  Massaging the muscles in your shoulders and neck can help sooth the pain.  A cheap work around would be use a tennis ball to roll between your shoulders and back, instead of going for a professional massage.
  • Apply Lavender Oil:  Research has shown that people who inhale lavender oil during a migraine attack had experienced faster relief than those who used a placebo.
  • Add Magnesium:  Many people have magnesium deficiencies which are linked to all types of headaches.  Some studies have shown that magnesium oxide helps prevent migraines.
    You can get magnesium from these foods:
    • Milk
    • Peanut Butter
    • Eggs
    • Oatmeal
    • Sunflower Seeds
    • Sesame Seeds
    • Cashews
  • Try Acupressure:  This is known to be a credible therapy for people suffering with chronic headaches.  Migraines are also associated with nausea and this might help with that.
  • Watch Your Diet:  I believe this is one of the top reasons for many of our health issues.
    • Here are known migraine trigger foods:
      • Avoid foods with nitrates including deli meats, hotdogs, sausage and bacon
      • cheese
      • beans
      • chocolate 
      • dried fruits
      • alcohol, especially red wine
      • cultured dairy products such as yogurt
      • processed foods

Conclusion:  Migraines have many triggers.  Find yours are get rid of it.

Remember, we can all use some tips on getting healthier.

How many times a month do you get migraines?

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