6 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude For Every Day

Check out the Benefits of Practicing Gratitude For Every Day:

The benefits are quite endless, if you can start practicing gratitude.

Appreciation:  Start taking pictures of your family and friends and be very grateful.  Try to be creative and create a collage for yourself.  Whenever you are having a rough day feel free to refer back to it.  Remember, there are many people that may be quite less fortunate than yourself.  Let’s start practicing gratitude!

Help someone in need:  If you can afford it and you are in line at a grocery store, pick up the bill for someone who can’t. They will be very grateful and you will feel even better.  People are struggling more and more every day.  Either it is hunger, health or financial hardship, let’s give someone a hand.

Write out a ‘Thank you’ card:  Hand-write a personal note to someone who deserves it.   It will have more impact on the person receiving it than you think.  Sending an email is not the way to go.  I am sure the other person will smile reading your card.

Improve your immune system:  Who doesn’t need a boost in their immune system these days?  We have enough challenges these days with all the sickness around us.  To sum up, a little gratitude will help your cause.

Lowers Blood Pressure:  Some studies suggest is may aid in helping lower blood pressure.  Showing gratitude should help you relax a little more, hence lower your blood pressure.  Let’s start practicing gratitude for everyday.

Makes your more compassionate:  Showing more compassion will make you more empathetic towards others and will make you feel like a better person.  Another words, most of us can use some more empathy due to the overwhelming number of hardships we are all experiencing.

Here is the science behind gratitude.

Being grateful provides many health benefits that we can all benefit from.

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What are you grateful for?


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