5 Tips For Coping With The Holiday/COVID-19 Blues

5 Tips For Coping With The Holiday/COVID-19 Blues:

  • Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

    • Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your body and increase your stress levels.  It can cause irritability, mood changes and fatigue.  Be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep each and every night.  There are some decent CBD products out there that may assist with your overall sleep.  There are a CBD oils and even a pillow that might assist you with that.

  • Prevent Loneliness

    • 2020 has been quite a year with self-isolation, which can increase your overall loneliness feelings.  Make a call or do a video chat with family or friend on a regular basis.  Pick up a hobby that will keep your mind active.  It could be writing or painting, etc.

  • Stay Active

    • Any type of physical activity will boost your mood.  Go for a run or walk if you can.  Try some exercise at home.  It can help you control your weight and may help your body manage blood sugar.  In addition, It will help with your spirits and mood which will help you with coping with the holiday/COVID-19 blues.

  • Be Realistic

    • With COVID-19 everyone seems to have a different take on it, regarding what you should be doing.  Connect with your family to discuss everyone’s take on it.  It might be best for some to celebrate the holidays virtually.  Be safe.

  • Drink and Eat Healthy

    • Everything we take in to fuel our body can affect us, whether good or bad.  People are tending to drink more alcohol these days due to the overall stress from COVID-19.  Watch your intake because the long term effects can cause some mental health issues.


Many of us are extremely stressed these days and the self-isolation during the holidays may increase it dramatically.  Be smart and stay safe!

How many of us are feeling the blues already?

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As mentioned earlier, we need to stay active and start exercising.  Let’s start moving!

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