There are so many easy ways to practice kindness every day.

Life has become quite stressful these days and we can all be reminded of some easy ways to practice kindness to the people around us.

Here are some simple tips:

Make a Call:  These days, it’s way too easy to send a text or reply to someone’s post on a social media site. It doesn’t have the same affect if you actually call someone on the phone to see how they are doing.  Take the time to hear  a real voice through the phone and spread some love.  It is much more impactful. Lastly, we can all use a heart-to-heart conversation.

Let Someone Go Ahead Of You In Line:  If the person in line behind you in a store only has a couple of items and you have a lot in your cart, offer for them to go in front of you.  Therefore, some day someone might do the same for you.  It’s an easy way to show some kindness.

Don’t Forget To Use Your Manners:  Wherever you are at during your day, use your manners.  Be sure to say “please” and “thank you” to everyone around you.  The simple things expresses gratitude and may make someone’s day a little better.

Help a Stranger:  If someone is struggling with anything, offer to give them a hand.  It might be an elderly person in a store or someone who fell down and got hurt.  In short, we are all human beings and these simple acts are beneficial for everyone.

Volunteer:  During these troubling times, the demand for volunteers to help the less fortunate has increased.  You can donate some of your time to work at a food bank or even deliver food for the elderly that can’t get out of their house.  You can even offer to help younger students that can’t get the help they need while being quarantined to their home.

Conclusion:  If you practice kindness every day, you will make someone feel good and it might even be you.

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With the pandemic going on, many of us are having some blues and need some help to cope with hit.  Here are some tips!


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